Causticvox! 2-7-15 1st Half Of The Stream

The first half of Causticvox! started off with classics as we're prone to do.  Syd served up The Buzzcocks, Wire, The Cramps, Killing Joke & Sonic Youth.  I, the Rotten One, dove headlong into Devo, Talking Heads, The B-52's, Oingo Boingo & The Sparks.  That was just the first two opening blocks!  From there, everything from mid-period Arctic Monkeys to the most recent Johnny Marr played alongside The Legends, Tame Impala, Decades, Twices, The Domino State, Supergrass, Trash Can Sinatras & dozens more.  It was a great two plus hours--a cornucopia of music that only Rotten Radio & Vicious Variations on Causticvox! can produce.