Causticvox! 3-7-15 The 1st Half Of The Show

For Causticvox! regulars, this particular stream was a bit different.  Syd was absent so it lacked what she typically offers to the show.  The stream was a bit nostalgia heavy but that happens at times when there's a dearth of new music.  I did manage to find some newness so it wasn't a total loss of direction.

From the 'Super Rock' of The Fleshtones to the hard rock Goth of The Sisters of Mercy, nostalgia was a constant throughout the first half of the stream.  A little balance with new music was provided by the 4th block with Secret Avenue, SPC ECO, The fin., Ballet School & I Know Leopard.  A new but old tune was provided by Ministry & classics from O.M.D., Madness, and Elvis Costello rounded out the first two hours.  An assortment of others filled in the gaps & you won't know who until you listen. It's worth a listen!