Causticvox! 2-21-15 The 2nd Half Of The Show

As the evening progressed, initially things swayed in a decidedly feminine direction.  Syd went 'aggro' '90's, leading off with L7, Throwing Muses, Garbage & Hole.  I bent in a slightly gentler fashion with Juliana Hatfield, Velocity Girl, The Pastels & Tennis

The tail end of the stream was a return to Alternative classics.  Kajagoogoo made a special appearance alongside UB40, Speci-Men,  The Thompson Twins, General Public & Madness.  The night was capped by The Cure, New Order, R.E.M. & The Smiths.  There was a lot more music played that's not included in this synopsis so grab a favorite beverage & listen to what you missed.  As always, a complete rundown is available on twitter