The Real King...Elvis Costello.  A man who did more in his first four releases than most bands do their entire existence. 

The Real King...Elvis Costello.  A man who did more in his first four releases than most bands do their entire existence. 

The Streaming Listening Party

Causticvox! is more than just a vanity music website.  It's also a live streaming listening event/party that occurs a couple of times a month.  I host 4 hours plus of Alternative Music via a dedicated stream.  I try to represent every sub-genre from Punk to Post-Punk, Goth to Industrial, Indie to New Wave & everything in between. This little streaming event has been part of my life for six years now & although it's a smallyet expensive undertaking, the satisfaction I've felt from interacting with listeners & discovering new music thanks to their impeccable tastes more than justifies the expense!  I think I know why it gives me so much gratification.  It's because listening to music as a group outside of the concert experience is GONE!

I have no complaints admitting that I'm a 49 year old man at the time of this writing.  I believe it gives me perspective when it comes to music appreciation.  I've lived with every incarnation of of music distribution.  From vinyl, to the reel to reel, the 8-track to cassettes, the compact disc, Super Audio CD, DVD Audio to the current digital mess of MP3 formats, I have lived it all!  

If you take the time to notice, the more convenient music becomes, the less we listen to it with other people & the shittier it sounds!  Listening to music with other people was a staple in the days of the older mediums of music reproduction.  It was like going to a movie with a group of people.  It was a collective experience.  That's the intent of the streaming portion of Causticvox!  It's a re-living of the time when friends got together to share their latest music discoveries!

The Interactive Music Sharing Forum

The website portion of Causticvox! is a forum for Alternative Music listeners of every stripe to voice their opinions.  Sure, I'm the guide of sorts but without someone running things, it would be pure chaos.  The topics might be guided by my interests but hopefully they'll strike a chord with you as well.  As always, whether it's the Causticvox! stream or this website, your input is greatly appreciated.  

I also intend to use this site as a way to expose visitors to Alternative Music they weren't aware of or maybe realize that artist they just knew the name of is actually amazing!  The site will also have a historical perspective.  I'm old enough to have lived & remembered the late 70's & came of age during the '80's.  So the site will focus on Alternative Music from the past as well.     

I'll do my best to keep things light & entertaining.  Thank you for the love of the music & visiting the site.