Causticvox! 3-21-15 The 1st Half Of The Show

This was a fun one.  Syd & I dug into the coffers for classics, but we also came up for air and a lot more new sounds than either of us thought we had in our sets.  The first half or the evening was an eclectic brew of the past, recent past, as well as the present.  Syd peppered her half of the proceedings with everything; a cover by Candyflip, recent tunes from Porcelain Raft, Two Wounded Birds, Literature, as well as classics from Talking Heads, R.E.M.The Specials.  I touched a variety of things myself.  I threw in some solo Joey Ramone, X, classic Stranglers, gems from We Are Scientists, China Crisis, The The, & a smash face set that included Pailhead, Low Pop Suicide, Helmet etc.  It's too much to list what we did in the nearly 3 hours we put together for the first half of the show.  But if you look at the tags below, you'll see everyone we played in order.  I'll end all of the bullshit!  Listen to the first half of the show below.        

Causticvox! is a labor of love--love for the many genres considered Alternative Music.  The live stream is the epitome of what Causticvox! is about.  This website, its' companion.  That hierarchy could change any day now but in the meantime, if you can, listen to the live stream.  If you can't, listen to the replays you can find here.  Your suggestions for music to play on the show or ideas for articles to write about in this space are always appreciated.  The 2nd half of this show will be posted shortly.  Until then, enjoy this!